• Tube femme 466

    ∗∗ Tube femme 466 ∗∗

    Tube femme 466

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    Versions " Noémie"

    Superbe version de Liliane d'après un tuto de Erina

    Tube femme 466

    Versions " Noémie"

     Superbe version de Vera Jarude d'après le tuto " Field TBS " de Mara Pontes

    Tube femme 466

    Versions " Noémie"


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  • Commentaires

    Mardi 1er Mai 2018 à 22:25

    This is my tube, you must be very desperate to change my tube, (which I have sent 2012 to all the groups),  and to sent to all the groups as your tube. Are you not ashamed of your self? You know I might go to the groups and tell everybody what you do, you know why I am sure you have changed my tube, because I know you have retubed and changed  80 % of my tubes, but this one you do not have the original image, I mean all my tubes have ben retubed again and again, but this one nobody could find the original tube, you know whyI have the original and I know personally the photograph.
    I feel sorry for you, you want to copy Mary so bad, I mean there are millions of images, NO my work was the best and you are only an ugly copy of me.

      • Mardi 1er Mai 2018 à 23:25

        You again ! So you never stop picking on others, what must you be unhappy in your poor head to spend your time repeating that you are the best. Honestly I pity you, here is the image that I used to make this tube.


    Vendredi 27 Avril 2018 à 18:28

    Mrci ma belle Lily

    Beautiful tube

    Bisous et bonne vendredi


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